Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $250K in La Sierra Hills, Riverside, CA.

10 reasons why Yvonne is THE BEST realtor, ever! 1. She is very easy to talk to. 2. She works her tail off for her clients and does not have an ounce of laziness in her bones. 3. Not only does she know her stuff, she knows whats going on right now and is able to explain things to you very clearly. 4. She is very persistent and will work VERY hard for you. 5. She makes you feel very important! 6. Once we bought and closed on our home, she not only spent hours researching cleaning crews and carpet places FOR us but SCHEDULED them, paid for carpet cleaning, and helped me organize my life to get all that needed to be done finished in a sensible order! (nothing to do with realty) 7. After we already closed on the house, she took time out of her (very busy) day to make sure we got out of our rental ok: even went as far as scheduling the cleaning lady for THAT house and making sure the cleaning lady could get in the rental after we moved out! (yeah, she’s amazing) 8. Hands down, the most professional, 9. knows her stuff, 10. get it done no matter what kind of lady. Her name is Yvonne Arnold. You would be missing out on serious opportunities if you do not use her!! Thanks for EVERYTHING Yvonne! :) -tiff